Sound Control Dusk to Dawn Solar Outdoor Wall Light

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This Sound Control Solar Light illuminates your home, yard, driveway, patio and anywhere in which getting solar energy from dusk to dawn. The solar wall light is triggered when someone is close and make noise or clap.

0.55 Watt solar panel, 17% efficiency, collect solar radiation from the sun and actively convert that energy to electricity. It is easy to install and easy to maintain. Plus, it is packed with 16pcs LED lights that produce high brightness light.

If you are looking for motion dectector solar light, please check out this light's PIR version Solar Motion Sensor Light.


  • Dusk to dawn light, its ambient light sensor makes it identify day or night and start dim lighting only at dusk, save energy
  • Sound activated light, the LED light is activated to bright light when someone claps, then turn to dim light half minute later
  • 16 LED Lights, high brightness
  • Over 12 Hours run time after one day charges
  • Solar Powered, charged by free sunlight, easy for installation
  • Great useful lighting for your garden, yard, aisle, porch, patio, driveway etc.
  • Green power, Green lighting
  • Metal body, never fade
  • 100% waterproof and heatproof.


  • Solar panel: 0.55W, 17% efficiency
  • Li-ion battery: 3.7V 800mAh
  • Switch inside for saving power during shipment
  • LED: 16pcs, SMD 3528
  • Lumens: 100lm
  • LED span life: 50,000 hrs
  • Solar charging time: 8 hrs
  • Lighting mode: Dark/DIM/bright, DIM: weak lighting for saving power; Bright: sound activated for lighting
  • Protect function: over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit
  • Li-ion battery span life: 500 circles
  • Solar panel span life: more than 5 years
sound control solar sensor wall light

How Does It Work?

When people are close to this solar wall light, they can make noise or clap to activate the sound control switch to turn on LED light. The light stays on for approx 30 seconds, and then turn to dim lighting.

Superior Construction

100% waterproof and heatproof. Metal body, will not corrode, rust or leak. Units can be located anywhere around your home.

Crime Deterrent

The sensor detects family and visitors approaching your home, conveniently lighting a safe pathway to your door.

Energy Savings

The Solar Wall Lights are activated only when make noise or clap. Saving energy, lights only come on when needed.

Packing Content

  • 1× Sound Control Dusk to Dawn Solar Outdoor Wall Light
  • 2× Expansion pillar-hinge
  • 2× Screw
  • 1× Pin
  • 1× color box
  • Model: SL03
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6kg

I installed this in the front yard near the front door. It's bright enough for security purposes, making sure you don't bump into anything. The sensor seems pretty sharp, when I drive up in my car it goes off just pulling into my driveway. The install was pretty easy. I bought this one and also the Fulcrum Products Light-It 6 LED Porch Light with Motion Sensor for the back yard.

Bott Alison

I brought the Sensitive & Sound Motion Solar Outdoor Wall Light 2 for the back Garden and 1 for by the front door, its a nice light not bright enough to blind you or be invasive to neighbours, but bright enough to see your keys or your glass of wine. Yes we would recommend them.

Rembert Esther