Breffo Spiderpodium iPhone Stand

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This Breffo Spiderpodium iPhone Stand is well known for its flexibility and lightweight and is perfect for office, home, hotel, car, bike, plane, train or camping use in holding phones or virtually any handheld portable device available.

spiderpodium color

Designed with today's portable handheld consumer electronics in mind, the 'take it everywhere, use it anywhere'. Spider podium is a universal, multi-purpose, gadget grip, cell phone stand, desk stand and display podium which is compatible with most all compact handheld devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, smartphones, portable phones, portable movie players, mp3/4 players, gaming systems, SatNav's, camcorders, portable projectors, compact camera's, e-readers and more!



  • Can be used on your desk, in your car, on your bike and many more
  • Can be bended into any position to work with any device on any surface
  • The most versatile and cost effective iPhone stand available among those iPhone stands in the market
  • Strong steel endoskeleton gives added strength whereas the external rubber skin provides comfortalbe grip and hold
  • Cut outs for chargers
  • Lightweight and compact to make it portable
  • Color: black, white, grey, red, green and blue

Package Details

  • Weight: 48.0g
  • Size: 21.5×17.5×1.0cm

Package Includes

1× Breffo Spiderpodium iPhone Stand

spiderpodium iphone car stand

Spiderpodium has been designed again and again to accomodate virually every handheld portable device available both now, and in the future. The product's compact nature allows for Spiderpodium to be put into a pocket or packed into a handbag with ease. Spiderpodium is a fantastic travel companion.

The hole in the body of this spider stand is specifically designed to allow most all proprietary chargers fit through for charged docking. Thus eliminating need for additional purchase of a Spider Podium for each device or gadget you own!

spiderpodium iphone bicycle stand

Spiderpodium is made of hard rubber, which is hard enough to hold any portable device of yours, and at the same time soft enough to twist and bend it to any shape you want. Its a truly a nice accessory to have. You can look at the different images on this page to get an idea of how it can be used. If you are thinking that is all just made up, you are wrong. It's not just an iPhone desk stand or cell phone stand. You can really do all that with it.

And if you are creative enough, you can design your own postures with the Spiderpodium showing off your creative skills and making a sturdy and stylist stand for your portable device. You can use it with your smartphone, your camera, your wallet, your PSP, or just about anything else which is the size of the Spiderpodium, and its big enough.

  • Model: AH002
  • Shipping Weight: 0.05kg

This is one of those simple but unbelievable useful concepts so far I found. The Spiderpodium simultaneously enabled me to drive much more safely and made my iPhone accessible while driving. I know there are hundreds of other ways to use the spiderpodium, and there are much fun from this product. I use it to mount my iPhone high on my car dash where I can view the phone's GPS navigation, see who's calling, and play music (mp3 and streaming services) all while keeping my eyes up with a view to the road.

Oti Onochie

i bought this because i can't find any other stand or clip to mount my iPhone at a suitable position at my desk to use facetime. I like this, gets the job done.

Brittany Palmer

I want something to keep my phone stand up, albeit mostly on my desk. Love this thing. It's very sturdy and secure once you shape it. This is a very cool little thing, I love it, and every body who lay eyes on it feels the uncontrolable need to touch it. I have only found a problem with it, and it is that it is not that easy to give the shape, or put it in the position you want, but what you get is pretty close, maybe I just need to practice! It is a must for your desk, I really recomend it.

Brackett Miranda

Solid plastic and doesn't melt in my dark car that's tinted. I use it in my car by bending it and placing the legs in the vent, and the other legs around my phone or GPS unit. Also works great at my desk when watching movies on it. It's so fun to bend the legs in certain shapes and imagine my phone coming to life and walking on its own.

Mccray Sofia

This is the best stand/dock/holder. whatever you would like to use this for, it will be great for it. This will not only hold ANY cell phone/ipod/ipad; really small electronic. it is very strong and sturdy.

Stephen Hess

The stand is pretty cool, I have only had it for a little while and find it more amazing than anything else. I really like that i can use this for many devices but sometimes i fine i need to play with it a little more than it is worth so end up just setting my phone next to it instead of in it. Plan to try it in the car next, as I feel it will make a great way to hold my phone when using GPS app.

Alan Gagne