VR Case Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality iPhone Case

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VR Case - the World's first portable and accessible virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) iPhone case. Its slim and sleek design makes it pocketable and accessible. Your iPhone combined with VR Case is powerful enough to give you an amazing VR experience. Watch immersive VR video, visit incredible destinations, and play 3D VR games, completely unique and absolutely immersive.

We designed a clever and delightful mechanical hinge, so you can quickly and easily turn your iPhone into a VR device with this VR case. Simply slide the triggers on the back of the device and enjoy VR anytime, everywhere. Every part of VR case has gone through many iterations in order to come up with the final design. Color, material, and finishing all work together to perfectly complement your iPhone in both form and function.


  • Experience and share thousands of great VR apps, movies, and photos anywhere you go
  • Soft touch finish lets you securely keep your iPhone in your hands
  • Scratch resistent lenses so you can safely keep them in your pocket
  • 6000 grade aluminum designed to be durable and strong
  • Slim and sleek design without adding bulk
  • All ports and buttons are open for quick and easy access


iPhone 6 (4.7')

Package Included:

  • 1x VR Case
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Certification
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Awesome and creative idea. It is a real pocketable and accesible virtuality device. Oculus or other 3D Glasses helmet is too big to take away or share the experience. I love this VR Case because it is more than a phone case, the material of the case is also great enough to protect my iPhone 6S. I can share the virtuality with my friends and family easier. I'm extremely happy with this product.


This VR Case is amazing. Perfectly fit for my iPhone 6. Just slip out, and then watch 3D movie. Very cool!