VR Box Virtual Reality Headset for Smart Phone

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Put on this VR Box - an innovative virtual reality headset, you will have your own private 3D theater. There are no bad seats at this theater. The big screen is all yours. Whenever you're ready, pick what you want from a vast selection of content and settle down with a snack of your choice.

VR Box is designed for 4.5" - 6.0" smart phones, which means it will be compatible with most smart phones on the market, including all iPhone series, Samsung galaxy, Sony, LG, HTC, Xiaomi and Huawei, etc. All you need to do is slip in your phone and you're free to take on the world and beyond. Just one second, turn your smart phone into an IMAX 3D theater. Watch 3D video or play 3D immersive games.


  • Easy to use, just slip in your smart phone, wear the headband, and watch.
  • Adjustable interpupillary distance.
  • Comfortable lining made from high quality environmentally friendly foam.
  • Adjustable headband.
  • High quality aspherical lens.
  • Big screen private 3D theater.
  • Immersive 3D game.


  • Dimension: 198x110x137mm
  • Weight:330g
  • Material: ABC+PC
  • Lining Material: Viscoelastic memory foam
  • Headband Material: Nylon elastic band
  • Lens: 42mm aspheric hard resin lens
  • View Angle: 90-96 degree
  • visual Perception: Feel like a 100" IMAX screen from 3m away


  • iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • All Smart phones with 4.5"-6.0" screen


  • Dimension: 735x420x520mm
  • Weight:550g

Package Included:

  • 1x VR Box Virtual Reality Headset for Smart Phone
  • 1x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x Hop pocket
Virtual Reality Headset 3D IMAX Virtual Reality Headset Immersive Game Virtual Reality Headset Wide View Virtual Reality Headset Assemble Virtual Reality Headset Insert Virtual Reality Headset Head Band
  • Model: VR004
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After trying the Google Cardboard, I decided to try a little better VR headset. If using a larger phone like an iPhone 6+, it really makes a world of difference. What I don't like about this particular model is the way you attache the phone. First you mount the phone in the plastic holder (very strong spring clamping device to hold the phone in place) then you slide in in from the side. It's not very easy to get the phone in and out if you are flipping through youtube videos.


I have search a lot for an good VR Headsets and this one is really the one. I like the fact this has been engineered to hold the phone in place and not let it move. I should have bought the one that has the Bluetooth Remote. Without the remote, you have to constantly pull the phone out and change the video. Also with the remote, you would be able to play some awesome VR games. I am a huge fan of the VR games that the Play Store has in it. This device is simply amazing and I would recommend this to anyone that is wanting a nice VR Headset without buying the Oculus Rift that is over $300.


Fantastic. Depending on the app you use, I noticed that on my galaxy s3 in some areas you could make out the pixels but on my galaxy s6 edge plus it looked fantastic. I think it could also depend on the quality of phone you have. This VR Box paired with the controller and a good phone, it will be very nice 3D theater.


Great build! The VR Headset worked far better than any cardboard device I've tested out. The controller is also pretty neat and works for other things obviously, and it's form factor is excellent. Definitely something to try out when possible.


Very nice for the money. It is enjoyable to play around. Because of it's weight with my phone, I've had to come up with way's to keep it from hurting my nose. A little weight. But very nice to use.


Absolutely great product and strongly recommend this. It is very affordable and easy to operate. I have a Galaxy Note 3 which is 5.7 inches and fits nicely. 99 percent of apps are free and the goggles are definitely are great product.


Bought as a gift for my brother and he was very pleased with it. Now here's to hoping he doesn't go all law mower man on us and kill us in our sleep! Phone he uses is a samsung prime.


Very nice headset. One problem is needs a way to touch the screen while installed in headset. But works great other than that.


I bought this for testing VR video. I was pleasantly surprised in the quality. They are sturdy and have several adjustments to make them fit on your face. There is a drawer you pull out to put the phone into. Much nicer than the ones you need to flip to close. The remote is OK but takes some time to get used to using it. The only complaint is the space given for your nose. It is a little small but OK.


Bought this item to get a taste of VR. It's much cheaper than oculus, Sony's VR, and MS's Halo Lense. Really fun, and not expensive. Works as advertised. Also, it sits comfortably on your head. My 10 years old nephew loves it.