Solar Motion Detector Light with Magnetic Base

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With magnetic base, this Solar Motion Detector Light allows fast and easy setup of this light on vehicles, equipment, wall, door, doorframe, and any flat metallic surface. On where there are no metallic surface, it provides convenience and secure attachment by double sided tape. This effective semi-permanent mounting system enables this motion detector light conveniently for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Similar with our another solar powered Motion Sensor Light, it's also a cordless, battery operated, and motion detection solar lighting system, working in a dusk-to-dawn manner.

Handy Magnetic Mount Base

This motion detector light could be the one of the best novel designed motion detector lights. Inspirited from the concept of magnalight, the light utilizes magnet base to attach to any flat metallic surface for easy mounting and unmounting. It can also be setup on non-metal surface by double sided tape. You can use it for outdoor lighting, illuminating your garden, yard, shed, walkway, pathway, driveway, patio and anywhere outside in which getting solar energy. You can also use it in this way: place it on the wall outside for solar charging. Move it somewhere indoor and adsorb on the wall for lighting up your garage, basement, balcony, corridor, washing room, storage room, kitchen, etc.

PIR Motion Detector Light Switch

Its sensitive PIR motion detector detects subtle movement of people within the selected area of protection. Once the instant motion is detected, the lights turn on automatically. Acts like a motion detector alarm, warning an unauthorized intruder. When the motion stops, the lights stay on for approx 30-90 seconds. It's totally motion activated.


  • Solar panel: 2W/5.5 V monocrystalline silicon, above 10 years lifetime
  • Battery: 3.7V 3000mAh lithium battery
  • LED: 4×1W Cree LED
  • Charging time by solar panel: 8 hours
  • Charging time by AC adapter: 3 hours
  • Lighting time: 168 hours
  • Recommented installation height: 1-3m
  • Stay on time: 30-90 seconds
  • Detection range: 8m Max
  • Detecting Angle: 180°
  • AC adapter: DC 5 V 1000mA
  • Waterproof

Package Includes

1× Solar Motion Detector Light

  • Model: SL02
  • Shipping Weight: 0.58kg

I am using this light in a small stairwell to a garden apartment in an urban setting, and it is absolutely perfect for the job. If you have a door, stairwell, or other small area, this light will be perfect. Anything more, and you will want to look elsewhere or perhaps purchase more than one. The three controls - motion sensitivity, external luminance sensitivity, and lighting duration - are nice features and all work well. Would definitely buy again.

Sleiman Hugo

"Great product, easy, useful and green. It's good enough for me to order another one for my back door now I have one at the front door."

kolpe nikhil

I am very happy with this product. Considering the price of similar items, this is a good value. We placed the light in our driveway, which is along the house. It is so sensitive that when we first hit the edge of our property with the car, the light comes on. It remains on long enough for us to reach the back door and unlock it. While it is not an extremely bright light, it illuminates enough that I feel comfortable walking in and out of the door, knowing that if someone were outside the light would alert me, and the working time can be adjusted from 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 90 seconds.

Christi Gardner

purchased this unit because of the great reviews. I've been looking for a solar powered motion activated light with good flexibility of mounting and with enough light output to be effective. This one easily filled that requirement. I used it to light a dark area where our driveway meets the porch. The solar panel is huge and the reachargable battery capacity is large enough, it can be used over one month after fully charged, highly recommended!

Karyn Ellis