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If you happen to stay in an area where strong sunlight makes up for most of the weather all-year round, this Solar Fan Cap is definitely for you. Not only does it protect your face from those UV rays, it also keeps the glare out from your eyes. The solar panel located on top that is connected to a DC motorized fan on the front. Enough sunlight will turn it on, where cool air will be sent blasting through the ventilation hole that is cut in the bill of the cap, keeping you feel comfortable

  • Solar cell cap converts the solar energy to electric energy to drive the fan on the cap.
  • The power of the fan relies on the sunlight.
  • The more sunlight, the more powerful of the fan.
  • Great for traveling, sporting activities (e.g. hiking, jogging, golfing, fishing, etc.), working outside, etc.

  • Model: C010
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