Solar Charging Station for Cell Phones with 100W Solar Panel

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Solar Charging Station for cell phone, which can charge 20 cell phones at the same time, get full charged for around 2 hours.

It works 12 hours per day. It works for 8 hours during the day, using power from solar panel to charge cell phone and built-in battery, and 4 hours at night using power from built-in battery to charge cell phones. This design is base on an assumption that there are at least 8 hours' sunlight per day. If sunlight time is less than 8 hours, working time will be less than 12 hours, if more than 8 hours, working time also more than 12 hours. So this solar charging station will charge 120 cell phones per day at full load.


  • Solar Panel: 100W
  • Battery: 12V/24Ah
  • Solar Controller: 200W
  • DC Inverter: 100W
  • Cell Phone Connectors: 20 pieces
  • Model: H008
  • Shipping Weight: 35kg