Monocrystalline Solar Module 160W-175W

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  • High reliability with guaranteed -3% to +5% power output tolerance,ensuring return on investment
  • High conversion efficiency based on leading innovative photovoltaic technologies
  • Withstands high wind-pressure and snow load,and extreme temperature variations
  • Attractive appearance
  • Easy to install

Quality and Safety

  • Rigorous quality control meeting the highest internaional standards
  • 25-year power output transferable warranty
  • ISO9001:2008(Quality Management System)certified factorise manufacturing world class products
  • IEC61215,Safety class II,conformity to CE

Recommended Applications

  • Residential roof top solar home systems
  • On-grid utility solar power systems
  • On-grid commercial solar power systems
  • Off-grid PV systems
  • Others where need middle size solar panel

Electrical Performance under Standard Test Condition (STC)
Model No.GBS160MGBS165MGBS170MGBS175M
Maximum Power(Pmax)160W165W170W175W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)36.0V36.0V36.0V36.0V
Maximum Power Current(Imp)4.45A4.59A4.73A4.87A
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)44.3V45.4V45.3V44.9V
Short Circuit Current(Isc)4.89A5.04A5.20A5.36A
Maximum System Voltage1,000V DC1,000V DC1,000V DC1,000V DC
Tolerance Wattage±5%±5%±5%±5%

Packing Detail
Model No.GBS160MGBS165MGBS170MGBS175M
Net Weight14.5Kg14.5Kg14.5Kg14.5Kg
Module Dimensions1580×808×351580×808×351580×808×351580×808×35
20' Container288 pcs288 pcs288 pcs288 pcs
40' Container672 pcs672 pcs672 pcs672 pcs

  • Model: MC006
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