iPega Waterproof iPhone 5 Case

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The iPhone 5 is a very powerful and beautiful smart phone, but it is also very expensive. So we must cherish our iPhone and keep them safe from water, snow, dust, and sand. This iPega Waterproof iPhone 5 Case does just that, it's completely sealed and air tight allowing us to take it anywhere whether we are snowboarding or skiing, or even in raining. This wicked case will safe guard your iPhone 5 in virtually any situation even from long drops off tables and countertops

The best part is you can still use your iPhone while it is in the waterproof case! The clear protective silicon cover supports the full iPhone screen and call functionality, so you can watch videos, answer email, send texts and use apps without ever leaving the water. It also protects against sand at the beach.


  • This Waterproof iPhone 5 Case offer a safe haven for your digital gadgets whenever you need to jump in the water
  • 3m waterproof underwater
  • Good waterproof protective effect allowing you to use it under rain, snow or other similar circumstance
  • Tightness and mechanical strength bring your iPhone with excellent care
  • Dust and fingerprint resistant
  • Comes with English user manual


  • Color: Yellow, Pink, Purple and Blue
  • Material: Silicon membrane + plastic shell
  • Operational Depth: 3 meters underwater maximum
  • Dimensions: 14.5×7.3×2.1 cm
  • Weight: 92.0 g

Package Includes

  • 1× Waterproof iPhone 5 Case
  • 1× Lens cleaning cloth
  • 1× Strap

How to Use

Open the lock of waterproof case, and then open the case.

Waterproof iPhone 5 Case

Put the phone into the case.

Waterproof iPhone 5 Case

Fasten case buckle. Please check carefully and ensure the case sealed completely before using.

Waterproof iPhone 5 Case


  • This case is only suitable for waterproof and dustproof, and not be used for diving use.
  • Please install this waterproof case correctlly, in order to ensure that the protective effect of this case.
  • Please do not place the case in hot or in a fire.
  • Please do not use chemical solvents to clean this waterproof iPhone case. For cleaning, wipe gently with a damp cloth.
  • Please do not vigorously throw, smash, or intent to make the damage to the case of bad behavior.
  • The proper use and proper mantenance of this waterproof iPhone case may extend its service life.


Before you use this water proof case for your iPhone, please test it first to ensure you have operated it in a right way. You can use a paper towel or tissue to wrap something heavy, such as iron or brick, and then put them inside the water proof case, close it correctly as stated above. Put the case under the water for a 10 minutes test. When you take the case out of water, wipe up the case using a dry cloth, and take out the paper, if it's still dry and not wet, then you can start using this case for your iPhone, otherwise, please do not use it and feel free to contact us.

Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Waterproof iPhone 5 Case
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