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The high-efficiency set-up IC, and the intelligent automatic voltage regulation technology, which can monitor the discharge voltage and current, provide a strong security protection and reliability. With the small and exquisite and novel casing, the built-in large-capacity rechargeable lithium polymer batteries are applied in a wide scale, durable and cost-effective. So you can use it to charge your digital products, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA, PSP, MP3 player, MP4 player, iPod, DV and so on, at all times and all places. This solar charger is really business person's favor.


  • The intelligent charging function: pre-charging, fast constant-current charging, constant-voltage charging, and equalization Charging effectively lengthen the service life of the battery.
  • The temperature compensation function, thermal regulation and thermal shutdown function.
  • A constant voltage is maintained by PWM(Pulse-Width Modulation).
  • The powerful intelligent protection function: functions protecting the battery from over-charge, over-discharge, over-load, reversal connection and short-circuiting, the internal battery automatic restoration function, and the thundering protection.
  • Strong human design has a unload automatic shutdown and will alarm when the battery are consumed soon. The situation with solar charging can be indicated by week light and strong light. It's obvious to identify whether be fully charged by these two light.
  • Three-phrase outputs fit different digital products.
  • LED displays the battery storage.
  • Compatible with cell phone, digital cameras, PDA, PSP, MP3, Mp4, iPod, DV.

How to Use

  • Before use it, please charge the built-in batteries of the digital mobile solar power supply.
  • Please insert AC (alternating current) adapter which is contained in our product package in AC socket, and insert the plug of USB in USB interface of the Mobile Power, then it began be charged, and indicator "CHARGE" turns on. For about three hours it gets a full charge and the charge is completed, and then the indicator light is blue.
  • Connect the adapter to one end of the extended line, and then connect the other end of the extended line to the mobile solar power's USB interface.
  • Indication of the storage of the built-in battery.
  • Press the button of "MODE", the blue power indicator will show the storage of the built-in battery by three indictor lights. (One indictor lighting means 30% power left, two mean 70% power left, three mean 100% power left,) and the indicator light "5.5V" starts blinking when the storage is less than 30%.
  • Change the output voltage
  • This product has three optional output voltages for different types of digital products.
  • Pressing the button of "MODE" twice, the output voltage will be 5.5V (blue lighting on); pressing three times, the output voltage will be 8.4V; pressing four times, the output voltage will be 12V; pressing five times, it means turn off) And it recycles.


  • When the indicator light is blue, which means that the battery is full charged, and then please pull out the USB plug as soon as possible.
  • Please do not use sharp objects scratching the surface of solar cell panels.
  • When use the sunlight to recharge the built-in battery, please place the solar panels upward under direct sunshine, ensuring the best recharging results.
  • Please do not use the interface adapters, which do not match your digital products, to recharge.
  • Please select the output voltage for the products you are going to charge referring to its users' manual.
  • After pressing "MODE" button, if the three battery indicator lights do not turn on yet, you should please recharge the product as soon as possible.
  • If there is no output because of short circuit protection, just pressing the "RESET" button can make it resume power supply.
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