Ultra Thin Solar Generator 20W with 3 Super Bright LED

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This ultra thin solar generator converts sun light into electricity stored in battery using high quality crystalline silicon solar cells. It provides AC 220V output. With a built-in multiplex outlet, it's able to power a wide range of devices with a socket at the same time, such as electric guitar, TV, light, radio, recorder, electric fan, and other small home electric appliances. Therefore, it is suitable for home power supply, camping, outdoors activities and traveling.

  • One box autonomy solar power system, easy to operate.
  • High portability, lightweight, easy to move.
  • Self-sufficiency, just use it where need, leave it under the sunlight, it will do the rest to be ready for next use.
  • With 3 super bright LED for illumination.
  • Adaptability, DC 12V & AC 220V output, suitable for various applications.
  • Wide applications, including hunting cabins, outbuildings, contractors, survivalists, farmers, tailgating, outdoor events, long-distance travel, household appliances, and camping.

Typical Use Case

Appliances Load Power Quantity Daily Working Hours Daily Power Consumption Continued Working Days
Fluorescent lamp40W22160Wh1.5 Days
TV (21 inch)60W12120Wh2 Days
Laptop60W12120Wh2 Days
Inkjet printer30W10.515Wh18 Days
Inkjet fax150W10.575Wh3.5 Days
TV topbox
25W1250Wh5 Days
Fan50W12100Wh2.5 Days
FM Radio3W1618Wh16 Days
Cell phone2.5W1840Wh6.5 Days
Intercom7.5W1645Wh6 Days
Satellite Phone12W1224Wh12 Days
GPS4W1416Wh17 Days

  • Model: H003a
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