Solar Tiki Torch Light

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When the sun is beginning to go down these solar tiki torches begin to shine with a with a reddish light, creating a nice and cosy tropical atmosphere until dawn. Perhaps the best thing about these lights is that they are plant friendly and you won't have to pour gallons of fuel into them over the summer. As these lights are in no way a great substitute for the real thing, they look pretty cool around the parimiter of your yard or Tiki Patio.

  • Over 100,000 hours LED lifetime, you never need to change it.
  • Iron plank and plastic lampshade.
  • Two super UH-light white-orange LED, one for constant lighting, one flashing like a blaze.
  • Electronic emulational blaze. Frequency of flashing controlled by microelectronics chipset. Performance steady. Art of Bamboo. Green.
Unit size
  • Height (148cm)×Diameter (12.30cm), it can be 41(32+9)inch(height) now.
  • Color box size: 13.5×13.5×58cm/2pcs
  • Qty: 12pcs/ctn
  • Carton Size: 41.5×28×59cm
  • N.W.: 7.6 kg
  • G.W.: 8.5 kg
  • Model: F008
  • Shipping Weight: 2.2kg