Solar Power Fountain Pool Water Pump Garden Plants Watering Kit

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Solar Power Fountain Pool Water Pump Garden Plants Watering Kit

Solar Power Water Pump for Garden Plants

Solor power fountain pool water pump is a very helpful tool for garden plants caring.
Energy came from the sun, no need any other extra power supply. The item works so good that makes your garden plants keep fresh everyday.

1. Come with a solar battery, and charged by the sun
2. Brushless DC water pump, pump water easily
3. 3 different water outlet caps
4. Save water as far as possible
5. Wide irrigated areas
6. Keep the soil wetted and give a cool environment

* Solar battery power 7V ,140mA
* Solar pannel size 11cm * 11cm(square)
* Pump power 6V , 120mA
* Max flow quantity of pump 150L/H
* The life time over 10000 hrs
* Delay less than 3s
* Color black
* Net weight 203g
* Unit packing gross weight 230g

1. Put the pump totally in the water with it is nozzle over the water ,be sure the pump is fixed firmly on the bottom of the fountain to avoid vibration.
2. Plug the jack of pump in the jack of solor panel output .
3. Put the solar panel under enough sunlight and be better to face directly to sun .

Package including
1 * Solar battery pannel
1 * Brushless DC water pump(with power wire)
3 * Water outlet caps

Package Weight: 2.0kg (4.409lb.)
  • Model: F011
  • Shipping Weight: 1.9kg