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This gadget functions like a standard mp3 player, but with one key difference - solar photovoltaic cells on the back that will fully recharge its built-in lithium-ion battery in around 12 hours of sun. The player also supports up to 4GB storage capacity, an FM radio, flashlight and ultraviolet light. Besides, this solar mp3 player can be used a solar charger to charge other digital devices, such as cell phone, digital camera, iPod, and so on. It could be your best bet for a green media player on the market.


  • Support a wide range of music formats.
  • Up to 4G memory capacity, 2.0 high-speed interface.
  • Mutifunctional, besides playing music, it can be used a solar charger, flashlight, ultraviolet light and portable memory storage.
  • Adjustable output voltage, support charging most of popular cell phone.
  • Reliable protection circuit, prevent your devices from damage.
  • Human friendly design, environmental friendly material.


  • 6x Connectors compatible with most of popular mobile phones
  • 1x 5 pin USB cable
  • 1x Flexible cable
  • 1x Earphone
  • 1x Hang rope


  • Please read user manual before use this solar mp3 player.
  • Keep the solar panel facing sunlight directly for faster charging.
  • Choose the appropriate output voltage and adapter when charging devices.
  • Don't irradiate directly people with ultraviolet light.
  • Keep it away from high temperature and humid places.
  • Model: SC030
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