Solar Flower - Flip Flap Dancing Flowers Powered by Sun

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The absolutely adorable Solar-Powered Dancing Flowers are here to brighten up your work cubicle, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Heck, anyplace you have one of these great little guys will immediately begin to sparkle and liven up. All they need is a little light, turn them on and they will proceed to dance their roots off. No matter what the weather, these great flowers will boogie down like it's the sunniest summer day. And, because they are solar-powered, they don't need batteries!

Lovely artificial solar flowers, no water, no soil, even no maintenace required. Its two leaves will flip flap regularly without need of batteries as long as you place it in a sunny spot and make it irradiated by light, which is converted into eletricity by solar panel to drive leaf move. They are great dancing flowers in office, living room, and car, wherever ease your eyes and make you relax. This solar powered plant is also a nice promotional gift.


  • No water, no soil, no maintenace and no battery
  • Powered by light
  • Self-moving
  • Made of innoxious material
  • Smooth ball shape
  • Customized logo


  • Dimensions: 73.5x44x59.5cm
  • G.W.: 22.5kg
  • N.W.: 20kg
  • Quantity: 200pcs/carton

Solar-Powered Dancing Flowers come in your choice of various color in pots and petals

solar flower

Customized Logo

solar flower solar flower solar flower

Customized Box

solar flower box
  • Model: C012b
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Saw this in a colleague's office. Bought this and kept it in living room. Did not work and was a bit disappointed until I figured it needs bright light. Blue fluorescent or just light from windows. Kept it in a windowsill and it moves all the time. A good gift to give someone. Bought one for friend and another one for the kids.

Sleiman Hugo

The solar flower is really adorable and makes a really good decoration for your car or even windowsill. A friend of mine has one of these on her dashboard in the car and I just had to get one! I see more and more of these in cars and it seems to be a growing trend. I would definitely recommend this product.

Ngetich Robert

We've bought a couple of these now, they're solar powered plants, wakes up when the sun comes out and goes to bed when it goes in. It produces a very gentle flip flap up and down movement, quite relaxing with lots of funky pot colours. Everyone who comes round comments on it!! TKS ++

james rode