LED Solar Christmas Colorful String Lights- 100 LED

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Solar and Fairy Lights are a match made in heaven for anyone wanting to put up fairy lights outside without using mains power. Simply hang the solar fairy lights in your desired location, clip the panel in a location where it will get the most amount of daylight and away you go.

Are solar LED fairy lights as good as normal mains powered LED lights?
* They are just as bright as mains powered LED lights
* They are very quick and simple to install
* They are self sufficient and don’t require mains power so you can place them anywhere there is daylight
* They are much safer than mains powered fairy lights because they are powered by small low voltage rechargeable batteries
* There is no operating costs unlike mains powered lights
* Turn themselves on and off automatically using an advanced light sensor


Solar panel: 0.36W
LED: 100pcs
Battery: 1.2V/1200mAh Ni-cd
Discharging time: 8-12 hours
LED distance: 14.5cm
Length of LED: 4.5M x 3pcs
Length of lamp post: 20cm
  • Model: F014