iPhone FM Transmitter for iPhone 3G iPhone 4/4S iPod

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FM Transmitter transmits music from your iPod, iPod mini, cell phone or music player to your car or home FM radio so you can listen to your music through the car or home speakers. Simply, plug the FM Transmitter into your music player - tune your radio to a radio station with weak or no signal, then adjust your FM Transmitter to the same radio frequency and youll have music through your speakers. No software to install.


  • Wireless hi-fi transmission;
  • Designed for Mini fashion;
  • Suitable for all iPhone/iPod/MP3/MP4;
  • Low current, no need battery, power supply directly from iPhone or iPod;
  • Hands-free talking through car speaker system;
  • To charge the iPhone or iPod from car charger powered from cigar lighter.


  • Band: FM Frequency
  • Quality: Hi-Fi stereo
  • Range: 88.1 ~ 107.9MHz
  • Interval: 0.1MHZ
  • Stability: 10ppm(-10°ree;C - +50°ree;C)
  • Clutter & Harmonic: <=-60dB
  • Effective Range: >=5m
  • Working Voltage: DC 5V
  • Stereo separation: 40dB
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-16KHz
  • Audio Distortion: <=0.1% (F=75KHz f=1KHz)
  • SNR: >45dB (1KHZ 100%)
  • Product size: 48.0×30.4×13.4mm
  • Weight: 9.0g
FM Transmitter

Operation method for iPod/iPhone

  • To connect iPod or iPhone to FM transmitter;
  • Press "+"/"-" button to get the suitable local frequency point;
  • Please adjust the FM transmitter's frequency is same with FM radio;
  • Now you can enjoy high quality music from car speaker system;
  • You can enjoy music and also charge while FM transmitter inserted into car cigar lighter and connected to iPod or Phone.

Operation method for hands-free

  • To connect iPod or iPhone to FM transmitter;
  • Use the 3.5 to 2.5 stereo cable to connect the iPhone and OKit for audio. (as shown)
  • Now you can talk through car speaker system for hands-free.

Others operation for player

  • Please connect the FM transmitter to player with 3.5 audio cable
  • Press "+"/"-" to get suitable frequency points
  • Please adjust the fm transmitter's frequency is same with FM radio
  • Now you can enjoy your favorite music from car speaker system.


  • Try to adjust radio to be suitable volume;
  • Avoid to use the strong local frequency to make sure better tone;
  • Don't try to tear down or repair this products otherwise the warrant will be invalid;
  • Don't try to use the non-belong this product's accessory to connect;
  • Please monitor when around children;
  • This product will not cause any harmful electromagnetic interference.
  • Model: AK007
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