iPhone 3GS Solar Charger Case

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Please note this solar case has discontinued. Alternatively, you can use our another hot seller solar charger TC036 to charge your iPhone 3G/3GS, and it can also charge your iPhone 5. If you are looking for a solar charger case for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, please check out our iPhone Solar Charger for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s.

This iPhone 3GS Solar Charger Case will allow you to powerup your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G anywhere under the sun. Now you will have the freedom to travel, work, and play longer, not bound by the limitations of the original iPhone battery. Enjoy the benefits of charging without a cord, while camping, hiking, or at the beach. With the long lasting energy of the internal lithium polymer battery, you can have peace of mind during emergency situations, that you will always have a phone.

This iPhone 3GS solar charger case employ the same technology as the iPhone solar charger for iPhone 4 does. They both enable you to be part of the solar energy solution. Go solar!


  • Powerup anywhere while walking, running, hiking, camping, biking, traveling or on the beach
  • Durable, yet lightweight and slim design, not only an external battery, but also a fitting protector for iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G
  • Full access to touch screen when iPhone charging
  • USB connection allows you to charge or sync with iTunes without ever having to take your iPhone out of the battery case
  • State-of-the-art solar panel technology allows your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G to powerup with the power of the sun, clean, green energy source
  • Safety polymer lithiumion battery with large capacity of 2400mAh
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design with a soft touch, non-slip finish
  • LED status light indicators let you know how much charge is left
  • Speaker ports to prevent sound dampening
  • USB cable to charge this solar case on cloudy or rainy days


  • Built-in 2400mAh, rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Advanced battery protection technology prevents overcharging
  • Solar panel output: 5.5V at 110 mAh in full sun, (average output is 70mAh)
  • Custom engineered USB 2.0 cable provides high capacity charging and data exchange
  • Integrated 4 LED battery status indicator
  • Built-in Apple 30 pin connector


iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G

User Guide

  • Show battery power status:Press the switch one time
  • Charging the iPhone:Press switch twice continuously in 3 seconds
  • To power off the case: Press switch continuously for 3 seconds
  • Four power LED indicators: each indicator means 25% of the battery capacity. When the case is fully charged, all four LED indicators will light
  • Solar LED indicator: when solar panel is charging the battery, LED will be light

Package Details

  • Weight: 175.0g
  • Size: 12.5×6.3×1.7cm

Package Includes

  • 1× iPhone 3GS Solar Charger Case
  • 1× Charging USB Cable

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  • Qty: 100pcs/ctn
  • G.W.: 16.5kg
  • N.W.: 15kg
  • Meas: 68×38×35cm
  • Model: SC045
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