Solar Battery Charger for iPad / iPhone / Smart Phone

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What a great little product. Instead of running down my car battery to charge my electronics, this gadget charges anything and everything and charges itself by solar power, can't get better than that

Date Added: 11/22/2013 by Brandon Hay

I saw a friend who had this device and I had to buy it. Although it works more like a battery extender than an actual charger, it does the job. I like it.

Date Added: 09/16/2013 by Martin Zivec

Seems well made, charges my USB devices no problem. I've only used by AC charging so far, have not attempted to solar charge.

Date Added: 09/04/2013 by Ronisha Coffman

It seems to work well. I use this all the time to charge my iphone 5, Charges it completely and sometimes i can charge it twice if im in the sun.

Date Added: 07/08/2013 by LaNell Ostrander

Fast shipping and good for travel. Not worry about phone camera charge. Good to have it.but you need sun for good charge.

Date Added: 06/28/2013 by Scott Temperly

It's a great device that comes in really handy! I highly recommend it for times when you need extra power!

Date Added: 06/13/2013 by vincent langlois

This is pretty good and has come in handy the only issue is that it takes days to recharge in full sunlight. if it is not in full sunlight you might as well be prepared for it to take even longer to recharge

Date Added: 05/03/2013 by Margaret West

this is a really good buy. great for camping, fishing, can power anything that requires 5v. fully charges my smart phone.light weight, easy to use.great product so far!!

Date Added: 04/10/2013 by Karolina Kuzniak

I just charged my phone using the solar charger awesome thank you for the Sun. It has brought me power for free to charge my phone and other usb accessories.

Date Added: 04/05/2013 by Malenita Ocampo

I bought this product to use when I go hunting and Kayak fishing. It works great and fully recharges my iPhone 4S. It takes a long time to recharge using the solar cell but its nice to have the option when needed. Highly recommended.

Date Added: 02/20/2013 by Samih Helmy