i-mu i-hu Resonance Speaker Singing Table I Love Music

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i-hu invites your table to join the chorus and sing for you!

This is what we need more of: electronics that look like animals. Why? Because theyre cute and non-threatening. The I-hu, for example, islovely, cute, smart, and brave,according to his press release. Instead of a speaker, his butt causes whatever surface he is placed on to vibrate, transforming it into a speaker. I-mu also has a few other audio systems that work on the same principle, including a piggy, an i-bird etc.

i-hu's Mystery Of Cute:

i-hu takes the technology of the super-energy crystal material. According to the object resonating sound production principle, it might cause any plane to sing loudly through i-hu's mouth, such as wood, glass and other materials plane. Besides, it is waterproofing, corrosion preventing and environmental protecting, which brings magic to every corner!!

i-hu's Activity Range:

Step 1: Before i-hu sings, please put it on the hard plane, enables it has a good contact with the hard plane
Step 2: Please insert i-Jerry's audio input line to MP3 or computer's output jack and insert the power supply plug
Step 3: Push for 2 seconds on i-hu's forehead corresponding button, or click start button on MP3 player or computer
Step 4: Pulls i-hu two lovable big ears to control the volume

i-hu's Private File:

Height: Only 12.8cm
Weight: Only 740g, free for you to carry it when travelling. It is a pocket i-hu, with music in your pocket
Heart: i-hu can invite the table to join the chorus with the super-energy crystal technology. It can carry sound in separating things and enlarge sounds when touch any hard object and the timbre surpass the ordinary sound box obviously, you can make any object to sing for you
Skin: Streamline skin, feels soft and smooth. It is very popular that design with a mouse's dexterity for mouse year's fortune and it mixed science and technology and fashionable design
Food: Any music players, such as, CD, MD player, the notebook PC, MP3, MP4, etc, can feed i-hu!

Product Specifications

  • Fashionable and lovely
  • Volume control on its ears
  • Max. output power: 12W
  • Input AC voltage: 100V-240V
  • Output DC voltage: 12V
  • Static current: 1A
  • Frequency response: 100-17KHz
  • Sensitivity: 80db
  • Size: 105*67*67mm
  • Weight: 417g


  • i-hu
  • Little tail
  • AC adapter
  • Audio cable
  • User guide
  • Package dimension:167 x160 x 115mm
  • Package weight: 852g
  • Model: AP079
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2kg