Dual USB 2.1A Car Charger for iPhone 4/4S/3G/3GS ipod Touch 4 iPad

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Charge 2 of your Apple devices in the car at the same time. With the dual USB car charger for Apple devices you can easily ensure that 2 Apple devices are fully charged whilst you're in the car.

Charges more than 1 device at a time

With fual 2.1A of power, its got enough to easily charge more that 1 device, including your iPad/iPad 2. The dual cigarette lighter adapter comes with 2 inbuilt USB slots so you can charge and device which you have got a USB cable for. Its got enough power to fully charge larger devices as well, such as iPads and other tablets.

Works with other devices

Almost every gadget today can be charged via USB – making this device the must have for anybody who is always running low on battery on their must have gadgets. The Dual USB Cigarette Car Charger can charge mobile phones, tablets, sat navs, Bluetooth devices, iPods, MP3 players, handheld game consoles and much more.

Fitted with circuit protection and a fuse for maximum safety

To ensure maximum safety the Dual USB Cigarette Car Charger has a fuse fitted and circuit protection which will protect your vehicle and electronic devices.


  • 2 USB ports to charge a a wide range of electronic device, including iPhone, iPod, iPad and other mobile phone
  • 2.1A to charge even the largest of devices
  • Small and compact
  • Fitted with a fuse and circuit protection to protect your car and electronic gadgets.


  • Color: black
  • Input: DC 12V-24V
  • Output: DC 5.0V/1.0A, 2.1A
  • Function: charge your divece while you drive
  • Compatibility: iPhone series, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and vedio

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  • Weight: 73g
  • Size: 18.3×9.7×5.5 cm

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1 × USB Car Charger Adapter
  • Model: CH008
  • Shipping Weight: 0.08kg