Even the HD800 push This player is really God

  Emphasis on Hi-Fi sound quality of high-end music players always give a “brick” impression of Acoustic Research ahead of the introduction of the M20, however is not the case. It thrust stronger, even the HD800 can Hold live!

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Even the HD800 push! This player is really God?

  From the exterior, M20 is very light, very thin, and those “God block” than are skinny. It carries Gao Tongxiao 400 processor, running Android provides Wi-Fi connectivity and Web browsing capabilities.

  Officials say M20 thrust is the rival of “10 to 20 times”. To promote this release M20 headphones to go is the flagship of the Sennheiser HD800 s. A portable device you can really push? Really in doubt. leather iPhone 6

Even the HD800 push! This player is really God?

  Compared to the previous generation M2, M20 has a new DAC of up to 32-bit/384kHz,PCM and DSD formats are not a problem.

  M20 will be shipped next month, priced at £ 649.

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